Sugar Scrub Recipe

I found this recipe while I was looking for Christmas gift ideas this year and gave it to all of the women I love. It’s not greasy at all and if you’d like you can always substitute the glycerin for almond oil, etc. Happy showering!
1 part vegetable glycerin (about 2 cups per jar).  The only place I can find glycerin is at my local health food store.

1 part cane sugar – the best kind comes from Wal-Mart and is organic, but regular sugar will always work just fine, too.

2-3 drops essential oil – my favorite is Lavendar

2 Tbsp. aloe vera – this isn’t required.

Mix together, pour into a used body scrub or body creme jar, and use in the shower. Voila!

This is what happens to an insomniac mom – I dream of showering…


One Response

  1. […] salt works just fine, too), 1 part soap/body wash – Scrub, scrub, scrub, rinse. Pretty easy. See this post for a more intense […]

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