Suave Commercial

Ok so I just saw that crappy Suave commercial again and I just can NOT go on without griping about it… You know the one. This woman is all beautiful and dolled up until she gets pregnant and all of a sudden – boom!- ugly. Actually, really, I still think she looks gorgeous, even in the damn bunny suit. LOL But she’s SUPPOSED to look ugly and that just sucks. I hate that so many companies have (finally!) figured out that we moms are the biggest spenders in America – that we make most of the buying decisions in this country – and play up on this. What disappoints me is that advertisers make us feel bad for “letting ourselves go”. Excuse me? Ok, ok, but listen:

1. Suave. yeah. Not that great. My hair looks like crap when I use Suave. Something about curly hair + conditioner that doesn’t work unless there’s a whole handful that doesn’t quite equal beautiful.  

2. I only wash my hair four times a week and believe me this is NOT what makes me looks like a hobo at 3 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon.

3. I doubt many advertising companies have execs that have spent four days nursing a snotty toddler back to health, have still been able to keep up with a house that’s too small to look clean even on the best of occasions, a dog that has trudged through the snow and now smells like “dirty dog” and a husband who, God love him, hasn’t picked up a damn sock in five years. What, exactly, do they know about motherhood and letting ourselves go.

Who invented that term anyway – “letting yourself go”? And how does that place any value whatsoever on motherhood?

I am ESPECIALLY appalled by the fact that all of a sudden she gets preggers once she’s beautiful again. Are they really trying to say that her husband finally found her sexy enough thanks to Suave hair care products? My man never has a problem when I’m having a bad hair day! How about you? LOL!!! I doubt she’d ever have time for sex after a beauty routine like that added to her list, anyway. I’m lucky when I can shave my legs twice a week. 🙂

Ha ha! Suave. Poop on you! Your commercial stinks worse than your coconut shampoo.

***Ok, so I can’t find the commercial anywhere except on To see it click “Our Story” then Advertising. It’s the only commercial that will play.***


6 Responses

  1. You go girl (and I have always wondered the same thing!)!

  2. Girl I am with you on this! Advertisers are pretty clueless I think. And my hair always looks blah no matter what I do with it, so it’s cheap shampoo for me, lol.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, stop by again soon!

  3. This was a great writeup. I hate this commercial so much and I found your post by searching online about it. It’s really obnoxious and I get it that the quick flashes through a million things the mother is doing is supposed to reflect her busy life (and also the time limit on tv), but I find the quick flash through it degrades the specialness of each moment and the hard work it takes to make all that happen. It’s as if none of that matters unless you have beautiful hair. I prefer the commercial where she just has one kid, and they talk about improving her hair, rather than speeding through her life with three kids.

  4. […] Not everyone is happy with this commercial, but it sort of cracks me up. I’ll tell you why: I am that mom. While I never put a LOT of energy into my appearance before Gray was born, since he has arrived, I’ve put even LESS thought into it. I am not the kind of mom who puts on makeup to go to the mailbox. Or actually, ever. At all. No makeup. […]

  5. YAY! Lcat – I love it!!! It’s so good to know I’m not the only one, ladies!!!

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