How to make tea


So I have, like everyone else it seems, been really crazy busy lately and the first thing to suffer is my brand new blog that I am so excited about, but oh well, that’s the way it goes, right? And it’s ok. But… I have been meaning to share with the world the secret to a perfect cup of tea and I have a few minutes so here goes.

 I am crazy about tea and really believe in it’s healing properties. That and our pipes are crap and the water is stinky and brown and hurts our tummies, so it’s either bottled or boiled. (I know! We are currently looking for a new place – PLEASE keep that in your prayers…) Anyway, I used to HATE green tea but tried and tried to force it down, knowing that it’s good for you and finally I found directions (um, duh!) on how to brew a good cup.

First off I have some advice for green tea haters:

1. Learn to brew a good cup the right way. Burnt green tea tastes like, well, the water from my pipes – only worse.

2. Honey, dude. One teaspoon provides some healthy bacteria and also only gives out 15 calories. Not to mention what it does for a.  your singing voice and b. your throat.

3. Try the new different brands and flavors. My dad once got back from a business trip to Japan and had the strongest most god-awful green tea with him. These are NOTHING like that. They taste as good as the stuff you can find in Starbucks. My current fav is Pomegranite from Lipton. And at 1.27 at Target it’s a good deal.

4. Try black tea if all else fails. I like mine first thing in the morning with sugar and milk. Plus sometimes I like to pretend I’m British. I dunno. They somehow seem so much more… trendy?

5. Remember that some of the most powerful antioxidants are actually found in plain ol’ coffee.  Maybe someday I’ll post on fairtrade tea and coffee. Not today.

Ok, so, stolen from some magazine years ago here is what I keep taped up on my pantry next to the coffee beans and tea leaves:

“4 Secrets to the Perfect Cup of Tea”

1. Boil water –  To make black tea, use boiling water. If you’re brewing herbal or green teas boil the water, turn the stove off, then set the timer for 10 minutes. I’m a fast moving person, but there’s something special in waiting for my tea…

2. Use a teapot. It keeps the water hotter for longer. Personally, I just keep it in the kettle, but hey, whaddo I know? I actually just recently broke down and baught a kettle. For only $4 at Ikea. That’s the pic at the top, btw. Definitely beats the microwave.

3. Time it right. Steep herbal for 1.5 minutes, green for 1, and black for 3-5.

4. Make your own decaf. To remove the caffeine pour the water over the leaves and let it steep for 30 seconds. Throw that stuff away, then steep like normal. This releases most of the caffeine at first without sacrificing the antioxidants.

And there you go. I got  to share a piece of myself with the world once again. Ahhhh. Now for those blasted dishes…


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