Pretty sure the mailman just saw me naked, guys. Yep. I have been all day long in my PJ’s and then one time so far this workweek I’ve found a minute to shower I get nabbed. I stuck Sam in the chair to eat some pretzels, so while I grabbed some clothes and was watching him from behind a doorway I must have not even known that I was within seeing distance and there’s my mailman. Usually I call him my postworker, mail carrier, etc., but today this guy is The Mailman. And that sucked. And I’m sure my, “Oh Shit, Oh SHIT!” didn’t win me the Perfect Mom Award for today, either…

Pretty sure he’s gay though so, you know. That’s better?!? Anyone else wanna share an embarrassing story or two?


2 Responses

  1. Funny!! I have a similar story to share: When our son was brand spankin’ new and nursing ALL the time, I became rather used to not wearing a shirt, or at the very least having part of my tank top down under my exposed bra. Well, I accidentally went out to the mail box like that one day!! There is a lot of construction in our community and all the workers across the street were just staring. I couldn’t figure out why until I happened to walk past a mirror and saw my entire left cup was exposed!

  2. OH NO!!!! That makes me feel better, though! I remember breastfeeding and feeling like my boobs were always on showcase! Thanks for the story!

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