Ah, Spring!


I have a bunch of posts I really want to put up, but for some reason keep putting them off. I have a fantastic bread recipe I recently got from my aunt, a great and (easy!) project that leads to learning for your little monsters, and a post of praise that I’ve been working on admiring the same aunt. I haven’t posted them yet because things have been hectic and I only get a few minutes once Sam is napping to post and can’t wait for the pics to uplaod, wanna get em perfect, that kind of stuff. You know the feeling well, I’m sure. So let me just praise God for a minute (or a day…).

Lord, today I went walking with Sam and Annie. I didn’t think about troubles or pain or dizziness. I didn’t think about money. I worried the most about how I could make Sam keep his hat on. And it was ok that I couldn’t enforce that rule because it is finally warm enough not to care. In fact, all I really thought about were the puddles I kept stepping in. I loved it. I love Spring. I took my pants off outside today because they were so soaked! And I know that all too soon I’ll be grumbling about “That darn heat!” and asking you for a cool breeze or worrying about the green and brown clouds in the distance – a sure sign of bad weather and rough tornadoes. But as this early Easter rolls around and the daisies we potted for mother’s day are poking up through the dirt (that are actually soaking up some sun outside right now!) and as I sit here, heaters off (WOOHOO!) and a T-shirt on I want to praise you for answered prayers. I want to praise you for the joy that can’t stay inside. Praise! For the weather and the renewal of Spring! Praise! For the evidence of wellness waiting to show in me! Praise! For hope of a safer, healthy mind and spirit and body! I am dizzy now as I come to you, and I ask you to wipe it out of me, clean me off, make me new again. But if you don’t, I praise you for that, too, for I know there is a reason and I know you are the Good One. And I hear your voice above all others. Praise be to God, for you are everlasting. And your love remains the same.

 Spring up, oh well within my soul…


2 Responses

  1. I love spring and the sign of all things coming anew!

  2. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one with a screaming baby! I was beginning to think something was wrong either with me or my baby! I am currently going through Round 1, Day 2 of “Scream it out” for naptime. I keep thinking – is sleeping really that bad? Sounds kind of nice to me! ha! I read your post on the house hunting and the 35% income thing. Unbelievable. I’ll say a prayer for your new home. 🙂

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