Spring in Wisconsin

A funny thing happens around this time of year. People come outside. LOL I know! When I lived in California this was never an issue. In fact, it was something that I had never even CONSIDERED! But here! People come outside. This means that, well, they’ve all been inside for MONTHS! I swear, it’s like we’re bears and have finally emerged from our caves- gruff, stinky, and scratching ourselves. The other day I was like, “What is that sound?” Yeah. It was people. HA!!! We’re all outside hanging out, talking, praying that someone will come and (FINALLY!) talk to us. Woo hoo. Too funny.

Tomorrow (today) is the Spring Equinox. Being of anxious nature I find this to be so reassuring and comforting. I’m not afraid of the dark, per se, but it sure makes me feel like the world is more solid when it’s light.

I’m finding balance in that, too. In anxiety. And dizziness. Is it possible that it’s related? I think so. I think I’ve got some spiritual warfare goin on. Has anyone else ever struggled with this? I’m reading The Bondage Breaker by Neil Armstrong and I think God is helping me through my fear.

K. Well, just little musings. Happy Equinox!


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  1. The people thing happens in IL as well! I cannot get over it!

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