Baby’s Trendy Threads

I remember way back when.

I had Vans. Blue, black, and oh yeah, I had to have the black and white checkered ones, too.

A few shirts with really old TV shows on ’em, ripped jeans, Jamaica-inspired beaded necklaces.

A hackey sack.

Oh yeah. I went there.

To be honest, if I could afford to do it all again, I would. But I can’t. This means Sammers can’t either. Buuuut. I just might dip into the electric bill money for this one. Ok, I won’t. But man, oh man I would if I could… You can see more here.

This one is my favorite so far.


What can I say? My man’s a Star Wars geek… I was forced into the culture…


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  1. That one is cute 🙂

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