So, yeah. I’m not dead or anything.

LOL! I have just felt a little bit blank. Plus my computer just makes me want to throw it against the wall lately. I just wanted to tell you. I’m alive and I can’t WAIT to get back to just a few postings… Please keep checking once in awhile. I think my blog got lost and I need to reevaluate it a little bit. I have a problem trying to try not to conform. Does that make sense? But at the same time I’d like a few readers… I’m working on being original and still a little bit interesting.

On another note – .  TRUST ME! I hate that because I’m growing old and getting poorer I can’t keep up with music. But this. This is cool. And free. And sounds fantastic. They take what you want to hear and then you narrow down your categories of likeness/dislike…ness. I suggest putting in Imogen Heap and narrowing it down from there. Well, that’s what I’m on right now, anyway. It sure beats “C is for Cookie. It’s good enough for me…”



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