Toilet Troubles with Your Man?

I hear you. Check this out. I couldn’t help but share…


4 Responses

  1. Hey! :>) Duuude!
    I like your blog and you like mine. In some cultures, that probably means something significant! :>)
    I love God and you do, too! That actually DOES mean something significant. Wow. Whadda ya know?!?!

    Where can I get one of these urinals with a fly etched into it?
    I’m thinking that the less time spent cleaning up boy potty messes would make this purchase cost-effective! LOL

    I like your Chris Rice song, too!

    Happy blogging!!!

    ** H **

  2. That’s great!! and…..where can we buy these flies???? I’m in!!!


  3. I just read it closer…o.k…so I guess I need to get to “etching” a fly inside our toilets!!


  4. I’m crackin’ up right now! That will be on every housewives Christmas wish list now! LOL! Loving that!

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