Here’s what I’m allowed to eat, people, and PLEASE tell me that you would have a hard time with this, too.

Water – not flavored




Condiments and Oils

Milk products such as cheese, cottage cheese and gross plain yogurt – no milk

Nuts and seeds

Oh yeah and did I mention that that’s it? No gum, no lowfat flavored yogurt, no fruit, no grains, no freaking coffee or tea… I am even off all things scented, such as deodorant, laundry detergent (we were doing that, anyway), perfume, etc. I’m even off my occasional cigarettes, which is good, I know…

So it’s really hard. REALLY HARD. Especially because I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 21. But I trust my nutritionist. She’s a Christian in a faith-based practice, and has the best intentions for me. But three servings of meat, 3 servings of beans, and 7 servings of veggies should be hard for ANYONE to handle, right? Or am I that messed up in the diet department? Has anyone else done anything like this before?

Since I started three weeks ago. I have had 5 shakes and made a batch of cookies yesterday that are (honest to God) almost all gone. I am losing it. And I am messing up every day. I have scripture verses up everywhere to remind me that my body is a holy temple of Christ and that by mistreating it with food I am disabling God to work as effectively through me as He has intended. Still, I can not seem to keep up with it. Who can offer me support? I am faithful and completely assured that this is the right thing for me. BUT I HATE MEAT!!! Plus I strongly believe in the idea of eating kosher foods – avoiding pork, scavenger food, etc – but this only leaves me with chicken, turkey, scaley fish, and eggs – since I hate beef. ARGH!!! I’m gonna lose it and I’m trying so hard, but if I look at another piece of salmon or another chicken drumstick, I swear…

What’s a girl to do?


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know what to tell you – but I refuse to listen to people who refuse to listen to me and that is exactly what it sounds like this woman is doing. Good luck and I will be praying for you!

  2. I tried a diet VERY similar to this, because a friend of mine went on it. Her Dr. suggested it because of health problems she’s been having. Since she started it, about a year ago, she’s lost about 70 lbs!! And she says she feels GREAT!! I tried it, I lasted almost 3 weeks…please don’t let me discourage you!!! My friend is SO disciplined, man…why can’t I be that way!!!! Ohhhh….don’t know if I could survive without gum and tea!!! Gum saves me when I’m wanting to pig out!! The crazy thing with me is that I did it for almost 3 weeks and I lost 1 pound…yep, no typo….ONE ~~~!!!!!! I’m meant to be this weight forever………thanks for letting me vent…I just realized I’m pounding my keyboard as I type 🙂 !!!


  3. I know. At first I GAINED 2 pounds! Thant was horrible. I actually just stopped weighing myself all together. Maybe I should try again. I might be encouraged!

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