I’m a Mommy Duck

And while I think that’s a good thing, let me tell you what happened.

Sam and I were at the park today tossing rocks into the river. Ok, actually, we were gunning them in. Beside the point. Let’s just say the fish were probably darting for cover. And it attracted a group of ducks. I LOVE DUCKS. Maybe it’s from childhood memories of feeding them, but I think it’s the fact that they mate for life. And why is it  that I think that’s so romantic? They’re just ducks. But it’s sweet, is it not? That primal birds can find a way to get along with someone of the opposite sex for their entire lives and we, thinking, loving, blessed creatures of a true and loving God, can not? For this, I think ducks are special.

These three boy ducks and one girl duck were hanging out, checking out what we had. But we only had rocks. So, of course, we were not worthy of staying around, and they swam away. I remembered the pieces of PB&J that Sam decided he was too good for and we ran up the hill, into the car, and grabbed the sandwich. Once we got back down they were really far away and every inch we took closer they (being ducks) swam 5 more feet. I don’t blame them. We were throwing rocks, afterall.

The lady duck was lingering behind. I think she might have needed some lady duck time. A nice bath, some wine, etc. She totally let Sam get close to her. (Not me though.) Maybe she knew he was a baby? So she got all the sandwich pieces. Once the boy ducks saw that she was feasting on peanut butter and blueberry preserves (um, YUM!) they decided to come hang out. But she didn’t let those guys anywhere near her. Even though she came up on shore. Even though they were ALL yelling at her to come down and be safe. With a simple, “Quack!” She shut those guys up. And she was a bossy little thing, let me tell you. (I know. I got too attached, what can I say?) Maybe it’s mating season because every time those guys got around her she’d yell, they’d fall back, and be silent. It cracked me up. And I realized that she was the boss. The boss of her body and the boss of who she’s picking. And I don’t think she’s gonna be picking any of those dudes, let me tell ya. Maybe she just likes male company more. I know I do – sometimes. Anyway, I laughed and I asked Sam what we should name her and he said “Mom”. So I know I’m a bossy gal. But they still loved her. She and I are lucky that way, I guess.


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  1. Aww how cute!

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