We might be moving!!!

Reasons why I hate my crappy rental house:

1. There’s lead paint in the house and there is chipping paint all over the place. This means that, besides the obvious um health hazards for our son (and us and the dog!), we also can’t open the windows without spraying them down with water or use the fan in our room or put an a/c in the windows.

2. There’s a major mold problem.

3. The oil heater is broken. It works, yes, but it uses twice the amount that it needs to and smells badly when it gets past 45. That’s bad, by the way – I aksed the oil guy. Landlord laughed.

4. My landlord is evil. Snoops in our house, opens the door when we’re not home, comes over unannounced, etc.

5. The basement leaks.

6. The Bathroom leaks into the basement. I can see the basement floor from the toilet. Yes, it is possible.

7. We no longer have a shower and have to take baths in the lead-based and very much chipping bathtub.

8. The bathroom window is broken and can’t be opened.

9. There are open holes in every side of the foundation. This is why it’s crawling with bugs.

10. Do I really need more?

Reasons why I love this house:

We live next to our best friends, across the street from our best friends, and next dor to the sweetest neighborly old people that I’ve ever known.

BUT! Griping aside, Kellie!

We have been PRAYING, and PRAYING, and PRAYING for an answer to this horrible predicament. God is answering them. Our lease here is up in Aug, but we have the ok to be out whenever. A friend told us that they can give us a really good deal on one of their duplexes by letting us have the doggy for free. But this wasn’t an option because there isn’t a basement for shelter from tornadoes (who would build a house like that!??). Guess what! It’s right next to one of our closest friend’s house and they have a basement and have welcomed us over during tornado warnings! That didn’t solve all of our problems, though, because we needed the down payment for the move – and I think we’ve found that in my husband’s grandma. His mom said all we have to do is ask. There’s one more issue. Most of these places have income requirements. Like, can we afford it? Well, we can because we live so frugally, something I don’t think many people can actually understand until they live with us for awhile. That will be our last hurdle, I believe. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I can’t tell you how deeply my desire is to MOVE!!! And to get healthy again…



2 Responses

  1. I so hope this is the time and the place is right!

  2. Start packing! I’m praying! :o)

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