…And I’m back…

Hello friends! I wish that I could tell you that I am here with boxes unpacked and neatly tucked away ready for our next adventure, but I can not. What I CAN tell you, however, is that they are put away, out of sight, in our lovely little closets and garage!

Earlier this year we were tried with (how do you say it?!) not having a home secured for us before we left our other rental house. To be brief, the home that we had rented for 3 1/2 years was poisoning us and we needed to leave. We thought we would have a home before we moved out, but most landlords found it tough to admit a family with a Great Dane dog (even if she is a runt!)!!! Understandable? Absolutely, yes! After moving in with my parents for two weeks and a few days we got the offer to move into this house and took it immediately. It is not what we had dreamed of and it is not what we expected, but it is healthy and I truly feel that God has called us to this specific area of the city in order to be an ambassador for Him.

Our new home has no yard (except a small spot for Annie Dog to pee), there are no sidewalks at all in the area, it is in the yuckiest neighborhood in the town, and it is 30 miles from our jobs. BUT it is extremely close to my mom and dad and again, it’s healthy – no mold, no lead paint, no holes or leaks anywhere. I have noticed a surprising amount of yucky spiders, but I’ll live – we’re centipede-free so far! (fingers crossed!)

I got a job, too, which is the only way that we can even pretend to afford such a huge gas bill and such a large spike in rent. I mostly hate it, and it pays so-so, but I get my days with The Boy and this I can not complain about. We have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and there is (WOO HOO) a basement for imclement weather. Mostly, I’m a happy girl, but will never stop wishing for that farmhouse in the country with tons of kids who can run as far as their lungs will allow them, a wrap-around porch, a huge vegetable garden, three dogs lazing around, and a few chickens.

But no matter where we live I know that my HOME is with God and that I can find hope, joy, peace, and  strength in my friend, father, mother, and Lord – Jesus Christ. My family is healthy and we are a strong, loving, tightly-knit unit. I am blessed beyond what most can even imagine.

I hope that this small, humble message finds you well, friends, and I look forward to meeting up with you more frequently from now on. Blessings! Kellie


2 Responses

  1. yippee…you’re back and I get to be the first one to welcome you back!! 🙂 Sounds super about your house!! Keep dreaming AND PRAYING…the house in the country will happen one of these days!! THank you for the update!!!
    Have a super Friday!!!!

  2. Welcome back!!!

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