JASON Products

So earlier this summer I felt a little bit self-conscious of my always sagging, never bright eyes. Now that I’m doing double duty again as mommy during the day and employee during the night I’m tired – a lot. I rewarded myself with something that I can not afford, but in weakness bought anyway – Jason Ester-C Ultra Eye Lift gel. It works WONDERS! However, you’re supposed to put it on before your makeup in the am and before you go to bed at night. Apparently I am some sort of sensitive flower (there’s laughing on this end!) because I looked like a tweaked out racoon after about five minutes of this stuff on me – redness and burning wherever I put the stuff. Well, I put up with it for about two months and then contacted Jason Products. They sent me a seal to send the product back for free and yesterday I got a FREE COUPON allowing me any one Jason product for free – no matter what it is! How do I choose??? How wonderful!!! I mean, it’s good because the stuff was 16 (yes, and I am embarrassed to say how much it costs to be vain) dollars!!! But today I am loading up The Boy and we’re heading to Walgreens. WOO HOO!

It all goes to show that when you speak up things get done. However, I did sent back the recalled Magnetix toys that Sam had in the early Spring and have heard NOTHING of the replacement toy he’s supposed to be getting. Maybe I’ll check into that now…

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