How do YOU…?

How do you balance your checkbook? Please help a sista out. I tried and tried as a young married girl (long ago) to manage our finances and would either end up in tears or so completely off with our checkbook that I bounced a check every month. So my sweet husband took over. And bounced at least 3 a month. And sometimes school loans would come in and we would start at zero again and I’d be all, “Ahhhh. Nice. Easy…” and the statement would come at least 10 off every month. I gave up for real…


Then my husband bounced a bunch a month or so ago and I’m doing bills again. I think the difference in men and women is that men want what they want and will make money to get it. Women want to pay off their debts even if it means no conditioner (a big deal for a curly-haired girl like myself) or if it means being very tight with everything for a very long time.

We’ve moved into the tightness. No more setting aside fun money or ice ream money, etc. We are getting the bare-bones minimum. And while I think this is what’s best I find myself worrying about that blasted checkbook… Maybe I’ll swear them off for a month or two. I just feel so uncomfortable with the online system – there’s nothing to check off and how do you remember where you were last time? What about receipts? What if you forget that you paid $1 in library fines?

I need help!!!

How do you balance your checkbook? (Also, keep in mind please, that we do not make enough to pay all of our bills and have cut out everything that we can – besides phone, internet, and cable which pays for itself in rental fees that would incur.) We usually cut out tithing if we have to – something my hubby is fine with, but I am ABSOLUETLEY AGAINST!



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