Of Fall, Sickness, and Single-parenting

1. I am thankful for my husband. We are not the perfect couple. No one even guesses it for a minute that we might be blissfully happy. But we are in love. And with two stubborn and hard-headed people to get along and love the way we do is a miracle. And marriage is hard – everyone knows this. And after last night I am thankful that I am not a single parent because…

2. I took Sammers into the ER last night and Rick wasn’t there. He was camping in the deep woods with his buddies and there was no cell phone reception (not that we have a cell phone – I know – GASP!). Taking a little boy to the ER is scary enough in itself. But my child couldn’t walk. In fact, he was crying when any pressure was put on his left foot. And I was all alone. No husband. No sister. No parents. No one was around. Except for my God, whom I was constantly calling on. No broken bones. Only the nagging suspicion that this has been coming for a long time and I wasn’t pushy enough to have the crying in the midde of the night foot pain looked at closer. (I DID get two doctor’s opinions, however).

3. Good things that happened this week: For the first time this year we went to Farmer’s Market. We moved this summer and I just haven’t made it… Carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, zucchini, raspberries, dried BEAUTIFUL flowers – all for 8 bucks! And Sam asked for carrots and cucumbers today – in place of candy corn. Now if Sammy feels better later on this week we can go hiking to collect some pretty evergreen branches for a Fall wreath. We don’t do much for Halloween decorating because it’s scary and disgusting for the most part and that’s not something I take part in. I did find some very cute window stickers today at Walgreens for 0.99 w/ coupon – just glittery spiders and candy – perfect! Sam had lots of fun palying with those on the window.

Maybe soon I’ll convince my man to get the camera back on board so I can show pictures of my very pretty dired flower arrangement. Let’s pray I survive the night at work worrying about my limping little boy…


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  1. poor Sam…is he doing better? What was wrong with it?? Sounds like a great deal on fresh fruits & veggies…don’t ya just love it when you get a bargain?!?! Especially on food!! Healthy food!!!

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