How Much TV is Enough for Your Toddler?

***Disclaimer: I have cheated today and posted this on both blogs. This is a really important subject to me, though, so there!***

For toddlers, the verdict isn’t quite out yet. In doing research today I came across varying guidelines.

Back story: I get home at 1230 am every night, eat dinner, and go to bed by 130-2. It’s just what I have to do in order for our family to eat. My husband works in the mornings so that Sam doesn’t have to do daycare. In the mornings, however, Sam comes into my room and watches TV. And not just 20 minutes as I wake up. He watches about an hour a day – sometimes less, but it’s all that I can do. And when I feel like I’m a good mom I always come back to how we spend our mornings and feel EXTREMELY guilty. When I was staying at home with Sam he got almost NO TV at all…

In doing my research today for recommended TV time for toddlers, I found that the “experts” are either recommending up to two, no more than 30 minutes, or none at all. Those that recommend none say that even educational shows are destructive.

Have you noticed that you child is different after watching TV or do you think it calms them down? I worked with a boy with slight Autism who’s parents swore that TV was good for their son because it was a time that he could zone out. I agreed with them.

Here’s my advice: Do what you feel is enough. My goal is to give Sam 30 minutes of TV time in the mornings and if I’m too tired I’ll neglect some laundry and take a nap instead so that he’s not sitting on the bed for an hour waiting for Lazy Mom to get up! 🙂 And on the days that I’m not tired we’ll watch no TV at all. That’s what I feel is good for OUR family.

What’s good for YOUR family?

Websites with information on TV Time for Toddlers:

Recommendation: None

Recommendation: Up to Two Hours

Recommendation: Up to 30 minutes or less


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