Does This Look Attractive To YOU???

I am 28 years old, so if my opinion changes here I’m sorry. I expect to feel the same on this subject when I’m 87, but who knows? Maybe I’ll hit 45 and demand plastic surgery, Botox, expensive age creams tested on animals, etc. But NOT NOW! Right now my wrinkles are starting to get makeup stuck in them by the end of the day. And I have this long, thick strand of white hair that (honestly!) I am loving! My ta-tas that used to be lovely and attractive now most certainly need a bra – even when no one else is home. Other stuff is starting to happen, too. Who knew that at 28 (ok, well, almost 29) I’d already be noticing these changes? Certainly not me!

But in everything I am I know that I am more beautiful than this picture. WAIT! I am NOT saying this woman isn’t lovely. In fact, I do believe that without the touch up and the facial distortions brought on by computer imaging she would be very beautiful. But how’d you like to be her? Knowing that this is your picture? I don’t think I’d even do it for money.  

I HATE THESE ADS! I HATE THESE COMMERCIALS! I GET SO FURIOUS WITH THE HOLLYWOOD STARS THAT I LOVE AND RESPECT AND SEE UP THERE IN L’OREAL COMMERCIALS!!! (L’oreal tests on animals, by the way.) Women are beauiful. And yeah, men naturally age more gracefully. And yeah that sucks. Big time. All my husband has to do is grow a beard and he all of a sudden looks distinguished. I can spend 30 minutes a day REMOVING my excess hair and all it does is make me look less hairy! 🙂

Oh, but women, you are beautiful. I look at my mother – now 56 – and her hair is longer than mine, completely gray. She wears long, flowy skirts, way too much jewelry, and always smells like Chanel No. 5. And when she smiles her soft, smooth skin glows and all I can think of is how warm and beautiful she was when she would kiss me good-bye to go have a night out with my dad. And honest to God she is more beautiful now than ever. But that’s just my opinion. It WOULD be nice to be electricly beautiful and sexy for my entire life. But I won’t be – haven’t been for SOME TIME NOW. I don’t care. As long as I can be as beautiful to people as my mom is now, I’ll be good. And it won’t cost a thing!


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  1. Hi Kelly!

    Consider this your invite!! Hope you’ll join in with us!

    I am looking for as many people as we can find that would like to participate in a bloggy “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.” I dreamed this idea up as a way to give thanks to the Lord for His work in each of our lives by sharing our testimonies with the world wide web on Monday, November 24, 2008. That’s the Monday before Thanksgiving guys! Many of you may choose to leave that post up for the entire week and I encourage that. My prayer is that this sharing of our testimonies will not only encourage each other and give Glory to our Lord but also to those who happen upon our blogs.

    For more info on how it’ll work go here: (That reads “The Mouth Behind The Moose”

    Hope your testimony will be there too!!

    Grace & Peace,
    Heather Twitchell
    Swallowing A Moose

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