Cars Preschool Theme: March 1-7

Cars Theme!


I asked Sam to help me pick his theme for last week and (surprise! surprise!) he chose Pixar Cars! I searched a bit and here’s what WE came up with.

Music: We couldn’t find many with cars, per se, but we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” and danced to “Life is a Highway”. We also did “The Wheels on Lightning” and made up stuff from the movie… Sam thought it was pretty silly!

Books: Sam has four Pixar Cars books and some transportation books that fit the bill. Sorry I can’t find any examples for you.

Games: Red Light, Green Light – Sam played this himself and we also played with Ramone, Lightning, and Mater with the traffic light craft below.

Crafts: Mater and Lightning coloring pages for “easy days”, Car Painting (see this post), Car Collage –  we found car pictures in magazines and Sam cut out a few to glue onto construction paper (I couldn’t believe how much fun he had with this one), Traffic Light project – paint circles red, yellow, and green and glue to a black construction paper rectangle.

Math: Traffic Safety Activity found online, of course I’ve lost the link (argh)!

Snack: Graham crackers with peanut butter and red, yellow, and green M&M’s.

Field Trip: Duh, we watched Cars on a blanket in the living room with popcorn and chocolate milk!

 We had so much fun this week! Do you have any ideas?


2 Responses

  1. Hi! I found your blog surfing “preschool” tag. I like your preschool ideas, I will definitely try some of them out at home.

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