Farm Preschool Theme: Mar 7-13

farm1Farm Week was so much fun! It was a bummer that because we don’t have a car during the week we couldn’t go visit an actual farm, but if you have the access, DO IT! There’s nothing more fun than watching a little kid interact with a sweet cow!

Reading: Boy in the Barn sequencing and story, The Lamb poem

Crafts: Chicken hands craft – the directions for this explain how to substitute the wings for kid hands, Papier-Mache pig – we didn’t turn this into a piggy bank, but just a regular old pig. It is still in progress, though, and I don’t recommend this if your kid doesn’t like to get dirty.

Science: Dairy Hand counting – we didn’t get to this, but it sounded very fun!

Pretend Play: Silo – we cut this out and played with all his Little People animals

The rest was spent outside PLAYING!! WOO HOO!

What did you do last week? Any more ideas for “Farm Week”?


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