How to delete all your Yahoo messages at once

I had 2,510 email messages – mostly from Freecycle because I haven’t checked it for awhile – and wanted to start all over. However, if I wanted to delete my messages all I knew how to do was select 100 and delete. This would have taken me a long time.  A very long, long, long time!!! Found this post and two seconds later I was done! Just thought I’d share the love.

Here’s what it says:

I am assuming you can login to Yahoo Mail Beta, which resembles an outlook express program:

* If not, then change your layout to Yahoo Mail beta.

* Use firefox or IE to make sure AJAX works well.

* You will see all the messages in one page (as in outlook express program)

* Press Ctrl-A after selecting any message in the inbox.

* Hit Delete.


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for your sharing.It is advantage for me.

  2. Very helpful.. Was having a similar problem and it is now sorted.

  3. Thanks Dude, It helped me.

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