Nothing Inverted, Really…

yogakidSam loves Yoga. So do I, in fact, so we hang out sometimes and do it together. For about 5 minutes. But 5 minutes is about as much as you can ask for from a toddler, right? The new Parents Magazine had a great article that Sam and I loved (we tried it for the first time today). I have been looking for some free vids on the Internet to have Sam watch with me to show kids how to do yoga but have never found anything. Maybe I’ll post one of our “sessions”… Anyway, the article was very easy to follow.

Go to to search a wide variety of steps to follow (no videos, though), different ages, styles, etc. if you don’t get that magazine. Here’s one I really liked and will practice with Sam.

Don’t like structured exercise? Me neither. Instead what Sam and I will usually do is “Child’s Pose” and he pretends to be a baby, “Cat Stretch” and he roars like a lion, we stretch as high as possible and pretend to be giraffes eating leaves, stuff like that. He loves it and without even noticing has stretched and grown a few centimeters. 🙂 Sneaky mommy.


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  1. […] last issue we came across “Yoga in the Garden” – enough with the toddler yoga, I know! But since I had discussed an interactive video I thought it would be fun to share Sam’s session with you. He’s a shy little man, […]

  2. Hi, I teach yoga to children. While pulling ideas for my class I found your blog. Yoga IS a wonderful way for children to become connected to their bodies. As children get older the connection between movement and breath becomes stronger which really helps children learn how to take control of their emotions and have control over their reactions. Check out my blog for yoga-inspired thoughts for both parents and kids.

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