Cloth Diapers for FREE!

So we’ve started “not-not trying” to have a baby this month, which means – among other things!- I’ve been thinking about cloth diapering again. WOO HOO! One of my favorite things about having a baby was cloth diapering. (Yes. I AM nuts, thank you very much!) This time, though, I do not plan on spending close to $100 on them. I’m hoping to make my own and maybe, just maybe qualify for We qualified right as soon as Sam was out of little baby diapers and we didn’t have the cash to pay for the postage of getting them to us at the time and just never got them. Hopefully next time around all will work out. However, it sounds like the system is much more popular now with less funds to go around, so we may be on a waiting list. Major bummer. 😦

From I found THIS WEBSITE!!! and I swear to you that if it wasn’t so late I’d be running downstairs right this instant to go get stained T-shirts out of my husband’s side of the closet to cut into. Maybe tomorrow. When Sam was in cloth dipes I tried so hard to make a good diaper for him and got extremely discouraged when the ONE DIAPER I actually made didn’t work out. (I don’t have much patience with making/growing my own stuff, but I have a feeling I can handle sewing in a straight line. I DID make my own duvet cover, after all… sew two sheets together and leave an opening, then stuff your yucky blanket in it.)

So there you go. Free cloth diapers. WOW. Can’t believe I just actually typed that – I didn’t think it was possible.


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