Toddler Yoga Positions… In Reality

Ever Heard of Ladybug Magazine? Sam started his magazine life with Babybug and has since graduated to Ladybug. I love them BOTH! In fact, I kinda miss “Kim and Carrots”, but absolutely LOVE the silly pictures, fun stories, and great pre-school ideas in Ladybug. Go here to see an example magazine. In the last issue we came across “Yoga in the Garden” – enough with the toddler yoga, I know! But since I had discussed an interactive video I thought it would be fun to share Sam’s session with you. He’s a shy little man, though, so we settled with pictures. Here was OUR extremely quick session. Since we don’t have a scanner, here’s the only pic I could find of the example – thanks Beetles and Bees! (Psst. Please, oh PLEASE ignore the stains on the carpet – we’re renters, remember? And haven’t necessarily made every stain…)

***And remember “breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth…” – kids LOVE it.***

Spider scurries up and down its web



















1. Squatting position, clasp hands together using your elbows to push out your knees (this was the hardest one, by the way) so your legs look like spiders. (Bug week, anyone?)

2. Bring your hands down behind your feet, lean forward, and move like a spider.

Butterfly sails above the flowers

april-09-003 april-09-004







1. Hold your big toes, balance on your bottom, and gently lift your feet.

2. Straighten your legs as much as you can (as you can see I held on to Sam here) and make butterfly wings.

Snake lifts its head to see the path















 1. Lie facedown and rest your forehead on the ground, bend elbows and place hands on the floor on the side of your head. Hide like a snake in the garden.

2. Breathe in as you slide forward onto your tummy and lift your head and chest slowly. Beathing out, come back down to the floor, hissing like a snake.

Garden mouse curls up inside its cozy hole

















 1. Sit on your heels (can you tell he’s done at this point?), knees together, hands on your thighs.

2. Bring forehead to floor, relax your arms by your sides. Ahhh.

Giraffe eats a leaf (Um, made this one up – obviously.)










…and ssstttrreeeeaaaatttcchhhh…..


I hope that you can forgive the format of the pictures/text. No matter how I try I just *can’t* get them to line up. Whateva. Blessings.


2 Responses

  1. Okay…so maybe I have a slightly biased opinion, but DAMN that kid is cute!!!

  2. omg your kid is so cute please check out this blog in return

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