Chapped Lips?

chapstickMine are fine, thank you. It’s the Little Dude’s that I’m worried about. Constantly, CONSTANTLY we’re battling chapped lips. Why is this? We don’t live in the desert or anything. I used to struggle with this when I was a kid and lived in California, but we live in the Mid-West. How is this possible? I’ve read that he could be a “lip licker” and he may also be dehydrated. I suppose he does sometimes lick his lips, but he is NOT dehydrated! No matter, I’ll keep Chapstick on him and keep pouring down the juice-water (1 Tbsp. juice and one cup water).

Do you have a good solution for chapped lips? Please share and help a momma out.


2 Responses

  1. I use coconut oil on my lips. I put on as much as possible right before I go to bed, and it heals the chapping that goes on during the day.
    I like that it’s natural– if I do lick it off, it’s just oil instead of chemicals.

    • This is a fabulous idea and just actually suggested it to my crazy husband who went camping in the snow this past weekend and now is paying the price with his chapped lips! Thank you!!!

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