Earth Day Preschool Theme: April 19-25

earthdayHappy Earth Week!!! Here’s what Sam and I will be doing this week.

Monday Math Day: Puzzles, Printable Matching Page, Maze

Tuesday Reading Day: Earth Day Make-a-Book, God Made Trees rhyme, “Trees” poem.

Wednesday Science Day (Earth Day): Special Project – Go on a hike and pick up litter around the area, explain Earth Day. I found a special mini potter and tree seed in the Target bargain aisle and we will plant that and explain how trees help our world be a healthy place.

Thursday Music Day: “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”, Recycled kazoo, Recycling Song and Litter Bugs

Friday Art Day:Make Nature Bracelets (idea found at Everything Preschool): Attach tape wrong side out around your child’s wrist and on a nature walk have them attach things like leaves, rocks, pine needles, etc. When they get home you have a nice “Nature Bracelet”; Coloring page of Earth.

Happy Earth Week, everyone! Hope you have a great week. Any great ideas you’d like to share?


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