Rain Preschool Theme: May 3- 9

rainSorry I missed this last week. I was fried from birthdays, etc. and Sam and I just played all week long, save for a few workbooks I found at the Dollar Store awhile back. Sure hope it RAINS this week – pretty sure I won’t have a problem with this. P.S. Next week will be “Rainbow Week” – there was just too much info/great ideas to group them into one.

Awesome books on rain: The Rain Came Down, The Napping House, Come on, Rain!  

Monday Math Day: Make a rain catcher to measure the amount of rain that falls – here’s a good example – we’ll monitor this all week and on Friday (or Saturday) we’ll measure the final result, and more of these because Sam LOVES them – just print them out, don’t try to sign up.

Tuesday Reading Day: Drippy the Raindrop – an excellent explanation that reads like a book about the water cycle, Sam’s Rainy Day Boots.

Wednesday Science Day: Activity #3 in this list (this sounds really fun).

Thursday Music Day: “If All the Raindrops” , “Rain, Rain Go Away!”, make a rainstick.

Friday Art Day: Online Noah’s Ark painting craft,  make a rain mobile: Take a paper plate and paint it blue or gray, cut to resemble a cloud. Paint 5-10 rain drops cut out of paper board, cardbaord, paper plates, etc. Punch a hole in each raindrop and attach string. Staple/tape the end of each string to the bottom of the cloud. Attach a string to the top of the cloud in the center and hang. (We’re gonna use glitter, too, but it’s not necessary if you don’t feel like having glitter everwhere for the next century!) Have no fear – we’ll post a pic of the finished product Thursday.

Snack: I am COMPLETELY out of ideas for this and can find NOTHING online. Got any ideas for me? Please?

Bible Verse: We’re going to go through his children’s Bible and talk about Noah’s Ark extensively (leaving out the whole wrath-of-God-thing)- next week we’ll talk more about the rainbow and what a promise means.

Field Trip: Our local museum is having a water exhibit for the next few weeks so we’ll plan to visit on one of my days off. We will also put on rainboots and a raincoat and go puddle stomping a couple of times. We love playing in the rain!

 Have you any more ideas for “Rain week” ? Please share them, I’d love some fresh takes! Be blessed this week and always.


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