BATS! Preschool Theme: October 12-18

So I’m finally back to a place where I can do lesson plans for Sam and I during the day. It does get to be a bit much cooking, cleaning, working nights – all I want to do when I get home is sleep. It is important to do these lessons plans, though, since we can’t afford preschool for Sam and I OBVIOUSLY can’t just have a relaxed learning atmosphere – I just won’t do it if it’s not planned out. And I realized that he’s more than half way to four and he can’t write or read more than three or four words. It is up to me to get this started. I’m just SO EXHAUSTED.

Just to give you an overhead of what these next weeks up until Halloween will look like:

October 12-18: BATS!

October 19-25: Fall Harvest

October 26- November 1: Halloween

For this week on my “Must Do – To Do” list are:

Alternate Sam’s Halloween costume. Make my cousin who has moved here from California and is now staying with us a cake for his birthday. Mail out birthday cards. Clean basement for an all-night gaming party to raise money for children’s cancer research – this includes a LOT of work. Mentally map out ways to decorate the living room to match our colorful style. Call our old landlord to get our security deposit – FROM JULY (how do we find these people?)

Moving on…


Math : Shape Order How a Pumpkin Grows sequence cards,  Bat and Haunted House Maze

Reading: Echo the BatBat rebus rhyme

Science: Label the parts to a bat (this is certainly something we will be doing TOGETHER and is not a learning tool, but a learning how to learn tool.

Music: “Bats are Sleeping” and “Bat Song”


Cooking: Chocolate rice cakes w/ peanut butter cut into the shape of a bat. Sam will be spreading the peanut butter.

Books: Bat’s Hat and Stellaluna

Bible Verse: Proverbs 6:20 “My friend, remember your father’s good advice and remember the things your mother taught you.”

Field Trip: Children’s Museum before that membership is expired!

Have ideas for BATS! Week? I would really love to hear them! Please share! And thank you all again for stopping by and continuing to share – even if it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything!


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