Halloween Preschool Theme: October 25 – 31

Halloween Week is here at last!!!


Sam and I are feeling so much better, and we are ready for a fun, full week of Halloween fun! We kicked things off last night with pumpkin pancakes, turkey sausage, and apples and pumpkin butter for dessert! Yum! Also,  a lot of this week will be repeated since most of last week was spent in front of the TV and reading books – but not all of it!

Math: We’ll probably do some of this again, since he LOVED it so much. Match the pumpkins (for this and the gost maze I had to copy the picture and paste on Word, then print), Ghost maze (this looks really hard, but we’ll give it a shot!), Witch Maze.

Reading: Short “u” on Starfall, Make Five Little Pumpkins Book, P is for pumpkin

Science: Halloween Senses, Make “Alien” Goop – add green food coloring for the alien part!

Music: I ordered this CD from half.com for .97 cents! Sam loves it!

Art:  Computer Paint Activities (Sam LOVES these!), Egg Carton Spider, Spiderweb craft, Ghost Windsock Craft

Cooking: Pumpkin Pancakes!

Books: We checked out a ton of Halloween books from the library. Do you know about your library’s holiday section?

Bible Verse: Isaiah 43:5 – Do not be afraid for I am with you. We didn’t do this even ONCE last week, so we will be sticking with it for this week. Afterall, Halloween spookiness IS kinda scary!

Field Trip: Trick-or-Treating and leaf hunt.

Happy Halloween! Be safe and have a great week! P.S. So sorry this is late.


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