Musicals for Kids

carousel_film_1956The Savvy Source has a great list of musicals up right now and I must agree that I love ALL of these movies. As a dorky choir girl and dreamer I STILL pretend I’m in a movie and the best movie to be in is a musical!!! Along with this list I would add Carousel and Alice in Wonderland. And if you’re a “grown-up” like me you MUST also see the amazing Hello, Dolly!

Have a beautiful day and KEEP SINGING!!!


What to do with green tomatoes?

I have the answer!!! A fellow freecycler gave me this recipe this week. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Anyone want to bake it and let me know if it’s tasty?

4 cups chopped green tomatoes
1 Tbs salt
1/2 cup butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup chopped nuts
Put tomatoes in a bowl and sprinkle with 1 tbs salt. Let stand then rinse with cold water and drain.
Cream butter and sugar, add eggs and beat until creamy.Sift together dry ingredients and add raisins
to dry ingredients, add to creamed mixture. It will be very stiff. Add tomaotes and mix well.
9X13 pan 40-45 mins at 350.

The woman who reccommended this recipe sent me two additional comments: 1. Add vanilla, just because, and 2. Warning: you’ll want ice cream when you’re done.

Fluoride? Anyone?

So we recently switched from tap water to reverse osmosis in a bottle from the grocery store. I think I’ve talked about this on here before. Our pipes are all brown and cruddy and it makes me uncomfortable serving it to my family – plus it was making my health issues seem worse. Anyway. So that means we don’t get the flouride-infused tap water that we used to. So I asked the doc for flouride in order to give it to Sam. And I just read that flouride sucks. WHO ELSE KNEW THIS? I USED to consider myself very up-to-date on the wholesome living, vaccination or no? thing.

It causes cancer? WHAT!!!!!?????

Where else can I get info? Anyone else educated about this stuff? Please, please, please let me in on the secret!

A different place for us.


Ok guys. We have three options that I’d like to get your honest opinion of. Our wants and needs for a house are the following: cleanliness. The house that we live in now is constantly popping up with new a funky places for mold. For instance – in every outside corner, in the bathroon, behind the fridge. And I am a good housekeeper. Ok, well, I’m dilligent. Better? I clean and clean this mold, but it always comes back. The wood is just completely rotten. Always has been. We’re ready to move and this is the main reason. Sam has asthma and we got rid of our lovely kitties for this reason and need to move because of the mold. There. Done. Said. I’ll go on.

The other things we need for our new house are affordability and cheap heat. As you probably know we just couldn’t pay the oil heat this year. We couldn’t do it. We were freezing. And we live in WI – it was ridiculous. We would also like to find a house with a dining room so that our beloved table that we received from everyone in my family as our wedding gift can have a place. We also have a great dane and a little boy – so we need outside space and a tornado shelter of some sort. Ok, so here are our options – none hit everything we need.

1. The apartment. It is the cheapest of the three – honestly that’s the biggest thing about this place. Pros: CHEAP!, three bedrooms, dishwasher, big closets, new carpet, big bathroom (well, for us – we can’t both fit in this one at once). Cons: It’s an apartment, but there is a basement, there is no outside play space for Annie or Sam, there are a total of three small windows in the whole space, there is no allowed smoking but the whole place smells like smoke – not good for Asthma, the space is too small for Sam to play very much even inside. No dining room.

2. The studio. This is the second cheapest – although the most expensive upfront. Pros: HUGE! THIS PLACE IS HUGE! It’s also super old and airy with clean lines and lots of windows – even inside there are windows separating rooms. It’s all nook-y with tons of cabinet space with built in bookcases, hutch, etc. This are also three bedrooms – the third and smallest is a french-door type. There is so much room in here that we would actually not have enough furniture – that’s a good thing. Cons: The bathroom is the type we are now running from since our experience with this place with the claw-foot tub – not conducive to todller bathtime. It’s, well, sort of creepy. Rick and I are both convinced it’s haunted – already. The closets are huge, but are really dirty. There is no yard, again, and the basement is most likely the scariest one I’ve even been in. It’s the longest drive for Rick and in a smaller town so more driving for me and The Boy, too. The kitchen needs MAJOR help. Smoking is allowed in the building. The landlady seems like a nutter.

3. The smallest and most expensive. I’ll start with the two cons: most expensive (probably with oil heat – we don’t know for sure because we haven’t been shown the inside yet) and small – no dining room or any room at all for a table of any sort. Those are big, big cons. Now for the fantastic Pros: Um, right across the street from a park! (Ok, now moms – tell me that isn’t a dream come true!) It is also the only single home unit, with a large yard, a garage, a basement connected to the actual kitchen. It’s also the completely in the center of the city. The closest to Rick’s work and within a walkable distance to the library, museum, cafes, church, the river, three parks, the university, an elementary school, and (ehem!) Walgreens. Walgreens, people!!! If I got a job (which I will be doing either way) it will still be doable while STILL paying off debts.

Guys, this is the one we want. But they do a credit check and check with your old landlord. My landlady right now is horrible. I mean, we can see the basement from the bathroon above it and she got mad at me for using a non-slip mat for Sam in the tub. I mean, she hollered at me! And our credit S-U-C-K-S! Please keep our house hunt in your prayers and ask the Lord that if it is in His will that we can get the park house. We were planning on giving the new landlord my sister’s # for a substitute to the landlord we have now, but have decided together that this isn’t what Jesus wants of us, so please pray for her good reference. Our old landlords have good refs for us, so that’s not a problem. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that when I met my husband he was living just four houses down? Ah, nostalgia!

So… Whaddya think? Which one would YOU choose? You know which one I want, but how about you?

P.S. What we really want is to receive a gazillion bucks in the mail so that we can buy our OWN house and find everything that we need. That would be, as my pastors says, “Dreaming again”. And that is our dream. We could bring home baby #2 to this imagined house of ours. So, while you’re at it, could you please pray for a way to buy a house in the future? Please know though that Rick and I are secure in knowing that God has always provided a safe shelter for us and that He has CONSISTENLY kept us together. We are always so thankful just to have the three of us together, well fed and (for the most part) warm. Rick and Sam and God are my home. But as the mommy and wife in this family it is just SO important for me to provide a welcoming place for all who enter.

Answered Prayers

I’m going to share my small, little adoption story with you – so far.

It’s actually not much of a story yet. We are waiting on the Lord for his perfect timing, but we know that this is what He has called us to do and we know that our child is coming, or lie in wait as do we. Our first son, Sam, was named after the story in Samuel when Hannah prayed and prayed for a child. When she did finally conceive she called her boy, “Samuel”, meaning “God heard my prayer”. Three months after my husband and I got married we found out that I have P.C.O.S. or Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome. Basically, along with a bunch of other crap, this means that I am mostly infertile.

After almost 2 years of trying to get pregnant I conceived Sam with the help of the fertility drug called Clomidiphene. Once I was pregnant I developed pain and they scanned for an ectopic pregnancy, but determined that Sam was stuck where he was supposed to be, healthily. We patiently waited and prayed for his arrival, but before this happened I developed Pubic Symphysis Displacia, Gestational Diabetes, and Obstetric Cholestasis, which basically means my liver wasn’t supporting Sam, so I was induced at 36 weeks and he was born at 4 weeks premature. He was really jaundiced, in part to my liver not flushing his system out, but otherwise he was fine. More than fine, that little man was strong, persistent, and so freakin adorable. Perfect. My kid. My Sam was safe.

And now here we are. We really want more children. In fact, when we got married we planned on having 3-5 kids, but now we’re not sure if that’s going to happen. I do know that I’m afraid to get pregnant again. My dad has begged me not to. My mom doesn’t think it’s safe. The midwives have told me that there is a significant chance that the same thing would happen again, if not worse this time, if I were to have a child naturally. And since Sam was 6 months or so we’ve been praying that God would lead us to a child (or children) that we could adopt. Naturally, we’ve also prayed that if this desire isn’t of God that he would take it away. But the desire has grown and everytime I talk about it out loud it seems that Rick and I get a very distinct sign from God that we are to adopt.

There are many obstacles in this road, though, many monetary. If you’ve read my blog before you know that we’re pretty poor people. In fact, we never have enough for bills and living costs. We are trying to fix that. I even have a 4 year degree, but I can’t seem to find a good job that affords us for Rick to quit his job so that he can be a stay-at-home dad. Ideally, we’d like for me to be the at-home parent, but either way we’re praying that one of us can find a job that will take care of all of us and our bills because daycare has just never been an option for us.

In comes, suddenly, our church. And here comes my humility. The associate pastor at my church and his wife have adopted children. And they talk about it all the time – their happiness, how wonderful God is, how He has answered all their prayers for their happy little family. And everytime they talked about it I shuddered with sheer jealousy. Amazing jealousy. Stuff that made me wish that I was them. Sometimes I’d feel so sorry for myself that I couldn’t stand going to church. I want more children so badly and I felt so abandoned, so poor. 

(This is the best part.) For a few other reasons Rick and I decided to search for another church and after talking it through with the lead pastor we decided to come back. That was emotional in and of itself, but the day we came back was the day before they were to leave for Ethiopia to start an orphanage. And this, right afer I had spent the whole worship part of the service praying that God forgive me for being jealous of them and to open my heart in order to just be happy that they have so much. Who knew that these would be the people who would bring my child into reach? Certainly not I! All I wanted was to get over myself. God always brings things a step further, convincing us of His complete love for us, doesn’t He?

Tonight they had a small informational meeting in order to explain everything. You can read all about that here: and here:

We still don’t have enough money. We still don’t have a nice enough house. We still don’t have a social worker, aren’t set up with an agency, and haven’t received the word from God, but it’s coming. That day in church our pastor started talking about the orphanage and their mission and Rick and I felt God speaking to us, calling out to us, confirming for us His presence, His plan, and His assurance that if we were patient He would bring this child of ours home. In fact, Rick couldn’t even look at me because He knew at the exact moment that I did and knew he’d cry if He looked at me.

Please all, check this site out. Please pray for the organization and for our church, and please contact me if you’d like to sponsor a child, family, or give in some other way. I’d be happy to get some information for you. Most importantly, though, please keep us and everyone involved in your prayers and please let’s all continue to worship God for His loving faithfulness.


It’s sad to you, I’m sure, that I sit here blogging away while my boy is playing in the tub. But I’m here, nonetheless. Working on my page.

This is so much better than MySpace, no?

 I am finding so many lovely moms who are good to their children, love God, speak kindly of their husbands, and take the time to let the world know these things. I just felt inspired. They are my role models in this blogging community. Now to find some in my town…