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That’s all for now – back to bed for me!


Cloth Diapers for FREE!

So we’ve started “not-not trying” to have a baby this month, which means – among other things!- I’ve been thinking about cloth diapering again. WOO HOO! One of my favorite things about having a baby was cloth diapering. (Yes. I AM nuts, thank you very much!) This time, though, I do not plan on spending close to $100 on them. I’m hoping to make my own and maybe, just maybe qualify for We qualified right as soon as Sam was out of little baby diapers and we didn’t have the cash to pay for the postage of getting them to us at the time and just never got them. Hopefully next time around all will work out. However, it sounds like the system is much more popular now with less funds to go around, so we may be on a waiting list. Major bummer. ūüė¶

From I found THIS WEBSITE!!!¬†and I swear to you that if it wasn’t so late I’d be running downstairs right this instant to go get stained T-shirts out of my husband’s side of the closet to cut into. Maybe tomorrow. When Sam was in cloth dipes I tried so hard to make a good diaper for him and got extremely discouraged when the ONE DIAPER I actually made didn’t work out. (I don’t have much patience with making/growing my own stuff, but I have a feeling I can handle sewing in a straight line. I DID make my own duvet cover,¬†after all…¬†sew two sheets together and leave an opening, then stuff your yucky blanket in it.)

So there you go. Free cloth diapers. WOW. Can’t believe I just actually typed that – I didn’t think it was possible.

Wal-Mart Valentines for $0.25

Run to Wal-Mart right now to get your very cheap Valentines for next year. I picked up Spongebob, dinosaurs, and Cars – but they also had devotional, Barbie, and more! Put it in your holiday decoration box and remember to get them out when you put your Christmas decorations away next year!

Diaper Rash Solutions

So my poor little baby has some issues with diaper rash. In my struggles, we have tried every brand of diaper, wipes, ointment, etc. We have had major success with Boudreaux’s Butt-Paste, all brands of sensitive wipes, home made wipes, and Huggies brand and cloth diapers. He also went through a whole tube of anti-yeast cream for his bottom. Cortisone cream helps with the pain.

We have also changed foods, such as cutting out citrus and apple juice, etc. However, the struggle still goes on and at least twice a month he breaks out with another flare-up. Thanks to my RN mother-in-law, however, we use this trick to ease the redness, swelling, and pain.

BAKING SODA BATH! We throw him (ok, so we don’t actually THROW the child) in a warm bath with 1/2 cup baking soda. It softens the water and neutralizes the skin. It is fantastic! He feels so much more comfortable after a particularly bad poopy-diaper-on-rash incident.

Other things that are supposed to help that we don’t really notice a difference with are letting him go bare butt for a few hours and changing diapers frequently.

For a free sample of fore mentioned Boudreaux’s go here.

What have you tried? Do you have anything that works fairly well? Please share!

Do You Freecycle?

Have you tried Freecycle yet? Hmmm?

I have given away the following: a broken washer, two beat up nightstands, a crib mattress, baby clothes, cloth diapers, mulch, board games, framed pictures, candles, vases, a bread machine, a food processor, a blender from 1960-something, etc., etc., etc.

I have received: a VERY cute giraffe costume for Sam on Halloween, a dresser, overalls for Sam, a bike seat for the boy, a bread box, a toaster oven, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s what’s cool about¬† Freecycle ¬†– You can get rid of your crappy stuff that someone else really wants and in return take some body else’s crappy stuff that¬†YOU¬†really want anymore! Sound yucky? Be that way. But Sam, Rick, and I LOVE getting stuff that we need to buy for free. Especially when it’s GOOD STUFF! It’s like going to your favorite thrift sale – online!!!- and picking what you want, but FOR FREE! WOO HOO!

A word of advice: You CAN fix this, but I don’t know how – when you sign up for Freecycle you need to have a yahoo account. I have completely devoted my yahoo address to Freecycle because I get about 25 notices a day.

What have you Freecycled lately???

Be blessed!!!

Holy Cow!


***Update: I was checking this out today (I know I sound obsessed, but stay with me). Go¬†here¬†to get a free 2 magaizine trial, the trial option is top right corner¬†and click bill me later. Write it on your calendar to cancel here¬†after two months. Free coupons and fun reads for two months! I’m excited – are you?

¬†Ok, so it takes me awhile to read through a magazine, let alone set aside time to cut out the coupons, but here I am, sitting at my desk. I have every coupon accounted for from the August 29, 2008 issue of All You Magazine and I have $31.35 worth of coupons and 8 Buy one, Get one free coupons! Can you believe that? The magazine costs 1.97. I don’t even buy this magazine for the coupons. I enjoy reading it and don’t feel guilty at all for this simple and cheap splurge I frequently allow myself.

Go get this magazine!

Blessings, Kellie

JASON Products

So earlier this summer I felt a little bit self-conscious of my always sagging, never bright eyes. Now that I’m doing double duty again as mommy during the day and employee during the night I’m tired – a lot. I rewarded myself with something that I can not afford, but in weakness bought anyway – Jason Ester-C Ultra Eye Lift gel. It works WONDERS! However, you’re supposed to put it on before your makeup in the am and before you go to bed at night. Apparently I am some sort of sensitive flower (there’s laughing on this end!) because I looked like a tweaked out racoon after about five minutes of this stuff on me – redness and burning wherever I put the stuff. Well, I put up with it for about two months and then contacted Jason Products. They sent me a seal to send the product back for free and yesterday I got a FREE COUPON allowing me any one Jason product for free – no matter what it is! How do I choose??? How wonderful!!! I mean, it’s good because the stuff was 16 (yes, and I am embarrassed to say how much it costs to be vain) dollars!!! But today I am loading up The Boy and we’re heading to Walgreens. WOO HOO!

It all goes to show that when you speak up things get done. However, I did sent back the recalled Magnetix toys that Sam had in the early Spring and have heard NOTHING of the replacement toy he’s supposed to be getting. Maybe I’ll check into that now…