Nobody’s Perfect

I wish I was a better mom.

I wish I watched less TV. I wish I ordered less pizza. I wish I read the Bible more. I wish I was more patient with my son, more gentle with my husband, had more time for my dog. I wish I called my best friend more often and never sent birthday cards out late.

I wish I journaled more than two days in a row. I wish I could stick with my diet. I wish I could find JOY in my at-work job and more joy in pre-schooling Sam. I wish I went outside more, sewed more, cleaned more deeply, cooked more often. I wish I was always on time with bills and always had enough to pay them. I wish I would never fall asleep while Sam watched cartoons in the morning and woke up to find that he’s been watching them for three hours (oh yeah, it happens!).

I wish I always flossed.

I wish I could be more forgiving of my family, of my friends. Especially my husband. I wish I could forget it all.

I wish my hair would stop falling out and that at 29 my teenage zits would go away.I wish my boobs were perky again. I wish I hadn’t made that pledge to never again dye my hair or paint my nails. I wish I didn’t have to shave everyday. I wish I didn’t have to shave EVERYTHING everyday…

I wish I had a pretty winter coat with all of its buttons. I wish I could find shoes that fit. I wish I had a savings account and a college fund for Sam and a 401K. I wish my parents had taught me about money and I wish that Rick and I weren’t so bad with it.

I wish I hadn’t given my two favorite people the flu.

I wish the snow hadn’t knocked down a power line. I wish I had cleaned better for the landlord to come over tomorrow. I wish we had moved into an apartment.

I wish our new baby was here instead of not here at all – not even a little bit yet. I wish I wasn’t fat so I could not worry about another pregnancy.

I wish I could give all my worries away. Instead of holding on to them because I think that gives me control. I wish we were already there. Already perfect. Already Home. Already Whole.

Today was a good day. A really pretty good day. And those are still all the regrets I had. So anyway, you’re not alone. We’re all the same.  I wish every mom could know that we are all the same.


Pamper Party Recipes

beautybathWhile in high school I learned the beauty of an hour long bath dedicated to pampering my skin and soul. Now, as a mom, I need it more than ever. I used to be able to spend loads of cash on beauty products. I’d throw in oil, bath beads, eveb tea bags specially made for your bath. I’d slather on face masks, face scrubs, body scrubs, foot scrubs, hair masks, and hand masks. Geez! What a bunch of stuff! After I was done I would emerge a new soul – ready to take on the world – and my bed! It was so relaxing and made me feel so beautiful I never thought I would feel the need to give it up! But I did.

Once I stopped working full-time and became a mom we had very little to spend on beauty, let alone beauty rituals! How frivolous! If anything I’d soak my hair extra long in the bath tub and use a new razor! 🙂 That’s all I had the money for. After a while I missed that alone time at home and found ways to get around the high cost and artificial ingredients on my skin. Here are a few recipes that I use now from ingredients straight from my kitchen.

Note: I don’t have any particular allergies, so I’m not sure how it works if you’re allergic to honey, etc. Test a small spot and wait overnight to see if you’re allergic to any ingredients. I wouldn’t want you rushed to the hospital on my account!

Pamper Party Recipes

Face Scrub: 1 part honey, 1 part regular coffee grounds– Mix well in the palm of your hands and scrub gently around face, neck, chest – wherever you experience acne or blemishes. The honey will cleanse your skin (really! It’s FANTASTIC!) and the coffee will slough off the rough areas. Let it sit for awhile if you’d like, then rinse. Don’t worry about the coffee in the bathtub it will rinse right down – but it is gritty against your butt!

Face Mask: 1 part honey, 1 part oatmeal – First grind/blend the oatmeal so that it is powder fine – this makes it easier for the oats to go down the drain later on. Mix oats and honey in the palm of your hand and slather on your face. The honey will be sticky at first but will soon melt and glide on easily. Close your moth tightly. 🙂 Let sit for about 10-15 minutes, rinse.

Foot “Soak”: Kiwi/Pineapple skin – I read recently that the skin of kiwi and pineapple fruits contain bromide, a meat tenderizer. Theoretically, this is supposed to soften the heals of your feet. I’ve tried this and LOVE it. I say theoretically because I can never tell what specific thing I’m doing is helping my nasty feet, but something’s working and I’m not going to stop doing this – especially since we always have kiwis! Just rub the skin on your feet, let it sit for just awhile and hop into the tub.

Body/Hand Scrub: 1 part sea salt (regular table salt works just fine, too), 1 part soap/body wash – Scrub, scrub, scrub, rinse. Pretty easy. See this post for a more intense recipe.

Moisturizing Body/Hand Scrub: 1 part sea salt, 1 part coconut oil warmed in your hand or stove (I’d say microwave, but I feel very strongly about not using one). Scrub, rinse.

Face Scrub: Face wash, Cane Sugar or Sea Salt – be careful with this and scrub gently, as you can cut your skin with these products which in turn can smear around bacteria creating more nastiness.

eye_covered_tea_bagsEye Treatment: Of course there’s always cucumbers, but my son really loves these and I hate stealing them for stupid vain purposes like the gross bags under my eyes. You can also try my favorite, used black or grean tea bags. Wet the already used bags, squeeze, let sit on eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Bath Oil: Add to your bath any essential oil – my favorite is lavender!lavender

Bath Soak: Use that same ground up oatmeal and sprinkle 1/3 cup under running water. You can use baking soda as well. This works especially well with itchy, dry, or rashy skin.

I have loads of other recipes – do you have any specific concerns you’d like to address? These are the easiest of my recipes – things I use weekly. I hope you like them and you enjoy your own special PAMPER PARTY!!!

How to delete all your Yahoo messages at once

I had 2,510 email messages – mostly from Freecycle because I haven’t checked it for awhile – and wanted to start all over. However, if I wanted to delete my messages all I knew how to do was select 100 and delete. This would have taken me a long time.  A very long, long, long time!!! Found this post and two seconds later I was done! Just thought I’d share the love.

Here’s what it says:

I am assuming you can login to Yahoo Mail Beta, which resembles an outlook express program:

* If not, then change your layout to Yahoo Mail beta.

* Use firefox or IE to make sure AJAX works well.

* You will see all the messages in one page (as in outlook express program)

* Press Ctrl-A after selecting any message in the inbox.

* Hit Delete.

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Update: I ended up buying a whole bunch of beads and making six different (and matching) bracelets for Mom. She said the kids at school today really liked them! More importantly, she felt pretty in them!

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I can’t think of ANYTHING to get her besides a scarf, but it’s Spring… maybe a light one? Looking online I found some ideas… but do you have any? She’s pretty hip, has very long , beautiful, white hair, she’s a teacher, and loves nature. Plus she’s fun. And kind of a hippie.

Here’s what I found:

Very pretty scarf, Family Tree Frame, Cool Vase, Cookbook Holder

A word about lesson plans…

On Patience and Interrupted Plans:

Our plan for today was to do a papier-mache pig. I ended up doing that as Sam hates getting dirty. (Duh. I should have known!) Instead we played with tons of balloons. And he laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed…

Yesterday we were supposed to finish our silo (can you tell it’s farm week?) but instead we played with Mater and Lightning in the bathtub together. Once again, we laughed and laughed and laughed!

Tomorrow an unexpected friend is coming over to play with Sam and I had other plans for us.

This just reminds me that the lesson plans I have ready for my three-year-old are just plans – a way for me to map out the day and exert some control – to make sure I don’t lose focus. Pre-School isn’t about learning how to sit still, raise your hand, and ask to be excused from the table. We’re working these things, but my primary focus is learning through fun. And when something better or more important comes along it’s important for me to remember that I am the steward of Sam’s learning and love; I’m not here to rule over his day.

What I remember most at night while I’m at work isn’t usually how good a project turned out, rather it’s either a.) How impatient I was with him or b.) How much fun we had together. I am trying so hard to have more “b” days than “a”!!! Hopefully this post will keep it fresh in my mind. There’s so much to do and SO little time. I’m just glad my little man is such a gracious, loving soul.

Diaper Rash Solutions

So my poor little baby has some issues with diaper rash. In my struggles, we have tried every brand of diaper, wipes, ointment, etc. We have had major success with Boudreaux’s Butt-Paste, all brands of sensitive wipes, home made wipes, and Huggies brand and cloth diapers. He also went through a whole tube of anti-yeast cream for his bottom. Cortisone cream helps with the pain.

We have also changed foods, such as cutting out citrus and apple juice, etc. However, the struggle still goes on and at least twice a month he breaks out with another flare-up. Thanks to my RN mother-in-law, however, we use this trick to ease the redness, swelling, and pain.

BAKING SODA BATH! We throw him (ok, so we don’t actually THROW the child) in a warm bath with 1/2 cup baking soda. It softens the water and neutralizes the skin. It is fantastic! He feels so much more comfortable after a particularly bad poopy-diaper-on-rash incident.

Other things that are supposed to help that we don’t really notice a difference with are letting him go bare butt for a few hours and changing diapers frequently.

For a free sample of fore mentioned Boudreaux’s go here.

What have you tried? Do you have anything that works fairly well? Please share!

Does This Look Attractive To YOU???

I am 28 years old, so if my opinion changes here I’m sorry. I expect to feel the same on this subject when I’m 87, but who knows? Maybe I’ll hit 45 and demand plastic surgery, Botox, expensive age creams tested on animals, etc. But NOT NOW! Right now my wrinkles are starting to get makeup stuck in them by the end of the day. And I have this long, thick strand of white hair that (honestly!) I am loving! My ta-tas that used to be lovely and attractive now most certainly need a bra – even when no one else is home. Other stuff is starting to happen, too. Who knew that at 28 (ok, well, almost 29) I’d already be noticing these changes? Certainly not me!

But in everything I am I know that I am more beautiful than this picture. WAIT! I am NOT saying this woman isn’t lovely. In fact, I do believe that without the touch up and the facial distortions brought on by computer imaging she would be very beautiful. But how’d you like to be her? Knowing that this is your picture? I don’t think I’d even do it for money.  

I HATE THESE ADS! I HATE THESE COMMERCIALS! I GET SO FURIOUS WITH THE HOLLYWOOD STARS THAT I LOVE AND RESPECT AND SEE UP THERE IN L’OREAL COMMERCIALS!!! (L’oreal tests on animals, by the way.) Women are beauiful. And yeah, men naturally age more gracefully. And yeah that sucks. Big time. All my husband has to do is grow a beard and he all of a sudden looks distinguished. I can spend 30 minutes a day REMOVING my excess hair and all it does is make me look less hairy! 🙂

Oh, but women, you are beautiful. I look at my mother – now 56 – and her hair is longer than mine, completely gray. She wears long, flowy skirts, way too much jewelry, and always smells like Chanel No. 5. And when she smiles her soft, smooth skin glows and all I can think of is how warm and beautiful she was when she would kiss me good-bye to go have a night out with my dad. And honest to God she is more beautiful now than ever. But that’s just my opinion. It WOULD be nice to be electricly beautiful and sexy for my entire life. But I won’t be – haven’t been for SOME TIME NOW. I don’t care. As long as I can be as beautiful to people as my mom is now, I’ll be good. And it won’t cost a thing!