Sharks! Preschool Theme April 12th – 19th

This week’s theme is Sharks!!! Woo Hoo!

Math: Shark maze, Shark On-line Puzzles, we’ll also be working out of his workbook this week.

Reading: Shark Info Page, Shark Tiny Book, The Smiling Shark Poem

Writing/Comprehension: “Sh” writing page, “Sh” book page 1 , and 2

Learning to read these words this week: Shark, fish, we, mad, sad, bad

Science/Sensory: Life Cycle of a Shark,

Art: Shark craft – teeth gluing project. Any more ideas? I looked like crazy for ideas and can’t seem to come up with any.

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:21 –  So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Field Trip: Local Children’s Museum – any more ideas? We do have an underwater aquarium fairly close by, but it’s really expensive and so, off the list of possibilities! 🙂

So – the main idea here is a pretty easy week since it must be easier to do a straight up underwater theme – ugh! This is probably best since all we’ll BOTH want to do this week is play outside!!!

Please let me know what you’re planning for this week. Any more (PLEASE!) ideas for Shark Week?


Balloons and Kites Preschool Theme: April 5 – 12

It has been really windy here lately, so I figured this would be a nice, refreshing theme that we haven’t done before for spring. I can’t wait!

Math: Balloon on-line puzzle, balloon counting,

Comprehension/Writing: Kite poem, K is for kite,

Art: Balloon and basket craft

Science/Sensory: Balloon popping game, kite flying game, balloon ride experiment

P.S. Yuk! I meant to do this Sunday – actually, I did, but my computer pooped out on me. Help a siata out of you have any more ideas. We’re just sort of floating this week. Kites and balloons do that, right?

Easter Preschool Theme: March 29 – April 4

Ok, so I’m going to give this another try.  (Insert smiley, grumpy, exasperated, annoyed, disappointed face here.)

It got to be too much, so I put the blogging (and, mostly, the home schooling) down. But God delivered me from my part-timer and I’m home (for now) with my little man until he goes off to 4 year-old kindergarten in September. I’ll hopefully have a job by then, but if I can get this under wraps before that happens maybe I can continue to stay focused on my main job – raising my amazing boy!

So here’s my first edition. Not to be confused with my first blog. I still don’t have time for blogging. I’m not that organized. (Like you amazing people.) But hopefully getting this all down and linked up will help. Some?

Math: Number the bottom of an egg carton 1-12 then draw dots on plastic eggs (or put something???) in them and have Sam match up the egg to the correct spot. This mazeBunny/basket counting, Bunny graph (love this idea!), Easter ordinal.

Reading: Easter by Gail Gibbons -got this at the library (not recommended if your child is older – it presents the Easter bunny and Jesus and the Bible as “beliefs” and suggests that some of these ideas are only stories. But it does give a very clear presentation of every Easter idea.) The Legend of the Easter Egg – LOVE this one!

Comprehension/Writing: Bunny book, The Easter Bunny’s letter, Jesus poem, Jesus Taught Us How to Pray song.

Learning to read these words this week: egg, cross, spring, did, at, them, with

Science/Sensory: We’re going to start our Marigold seeds in an empty/cleaned out egg shell. We’ll also hide the plastic eggs in the sandbox and dig for them. We’ll buy a white carnation and put it in food coloring and water – watch it over the course of the week.

Art: Trace and color egg, roll the stone away project, Cross scissor skill project, stained glass cross – I think I’ll probably melt the crayons because Sam loves making messes!

Cooking: Easter story cookies – I am so excited to do this – finally! – this year. I love that I’m explaining to Sam the full (albeit abridged) story of Easter finally!!! We’ll use walnuts, however, because we don’t have pecans – hope it still works.

Bible Verses:  Of course, The Bible – these passages tell the story:

  • Matthew 28:1-20
  • Mark 16:1-19
  • Luke 24:1-53
  • John 20:1 – 22:25

Field Trip: Park, Egg hunt at Grandma’s, special Easter service at church

As always, thanks so much to the wonderful resources used this week. I am so thankful for your creativity and dedication to children!

Happy Easter  – God BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Fall Harvest Preschool Theme: October 19-25

fallMath: We’ll probably do some of this again, since he LOVED it so much. We will also be practicing patterns with cut out black and orange pumpkins.  This Maze.

Reading: Short “u” on Starfall, Fall Rhymes, Autumn Poems

Science: Leaf Rubbings, Fall Sorting

Music: The Leaves are Falling Down, We will be listening to a lot of Putumayo Radio on Pandora this week, too – it’s perfect for staying inside and chillin out.

Art:  Scarecrow TP Craft, Computer Paint Activities (Sam LOVES these!). We’re also going to cut the center out of a paper plate and glue fallen leaves to make a wreath.

Cooking: Zucchini Bread and Pumpkin Pancakes!

Books: Have any suggestions?

Bible Verse: Isaiah 43:5 – Do not be afraid for I am with you.

Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch/Apple Picking with the family! Hopefully we’ll find a cornmaze and maybe even a haunted house as well! We will also be going on a fall leaf hunting walk.

Hope you have a fun week! Let me know if you have any other fun ideas or activities!

BATS! Preschool Theme: October 12-18

So I’m finally back to a place where I can do lesson plans for Sam and I during the day. It does get to be a bit much cooking, cleaning, working nights – all I want to do when I get home is sleep. It is important to do these lessons plans, though, since we can’t afford preschool for Sam and I OBVIOUSLY can’t just have a relaxed learning atmosphere – I just won’t do it if it’s not planned out. And I realized that he’s more than half way to four and he can’t write or read more than three or four words. It is up to me to get this started. I’m just SO EXHAUSTED.

Just to give you an overhead of what these next weeks up until Halloween will look like:

October 12-18: BATS!

October 19-25: Fall Harvest

October 26- November 1: Halloween

For this week on my “Must Do – To Do” list are:

Alternate Sam’s Halloween costume. Make my cousin who has moved here from California and is now staying with us a cake for his birthday. Mail out birthday cards. Clean basement for an all-night gaming party to raise money for children’s cancer research – this includes a LOT of work. Mentally map out ways to decorate the living room to match our colorful style. Call our old landlord to get our security deposit – FROM JULY (how do we find these people?)

Moving on…


Math : Shape Order How a Pumpkin Grows sequence cards,  Bat and Haunted House Maze

Reading: Echo the BatBat rebus rhyme

Science: Label the parts to a bat (this is certainly something we will be doing TOGETHER and is not a learning tool, but a learning how to learn tool.

Music: “Bats are Sleeping” and “Bat Song”


Cooking: Chocolate rice cakes w/ peanut butter cut into the shape of a bat. Sam will be spreading the peanut butter.

Books: Bat’s Hat and Stellaluna

Bible Verse: Proverbs 6:20 “My friend, remember your father’s good advice and remember the things your mother taught you.”

Field Trip: Children’s Museum before that membership is expired!

Have ideas for BATS! Week? I would really love to hear them! Please share! And thank you all again for stopping by and continuing to share – even if it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything!

An Easy Sandbox

I really wanted Sam to have a sandbox. When I was little my dad built a HUGE one in our backyard for my sister and me. And we loved it. (Besides the neighborhood cats that used it as a litterbox!) Because we’re renters, however, this was out of the question. A sandbox is an excellent source for sensory learning for little kids.

When I went looking for one of those green turtle sandbox things I found out that they are $60+. So I made my own. I took an old gift wrap box and bought a bag of sand at the hardware store – it was $1.67. We play with cars, cups, pretend food, you name it. And when we go back inside we just put the cover on it. VOILA! Instant sandbox.

Rain Preschool Theme: May 3- 9

rainSorry I missed this last week. I was fried from birthdays, etc. and Sam and I just played all week long, save for a few workbooks I found at the Dollar Store awhile back. Sure hope it RAINS this week – pretty sure I won’t have a problem with this. P.S. Next week will be “Rainbow Week” – there was just too much info/great ideas to group them into one.

Awesome books on rain: The Rain Came Down, The Napping House, Come on, Rain!  

Monday Math Day: Make a rain catcher to measure the amount of rain that falls – here’s a good example – we’ll monitor this all week and on Friday (or Saturday) we’ll measure the final result, and more of these because Sam LOVES them – just print them out, don’t try to sign up.

Tuesday Reading Day: Drippy the Raindrop – an excellent explanation that reads like a book about the water cycle, Sam’s Rainy Day Boots.

Wednesday Science Day: Activity #3 in this list (this sounds really fun).

Thursday Music Day: “If All the Raindrops” , “Rain, Rain Go Away!”, make a rainstick.

Friday Art Day: Online Noah’s Ark painting craft,  make a rain mobile: Take a paper plate and paint it blue or gray, cut to resemble a cloud. Paint 5-10 rain drops cut out of paper board, cardbaord, paper plates, etc. Punch a hole in each raindrop and attach string. Staple/tape the end of each string to the bottom of the cloud. Attach a string to the top of the cloud in the center and hang. (We’re gonna use glitter, too, but it’s not necessary if you don’t feel like having glitter everwhere for the next century!) Have no fear – we’ll post a pic of the finished product Thursday.

Snack: I am COMPLETELY out of ideas for this and can find NOTHING online. Got any ideas for me? Please?

Bible Verse: We’re going to go through his children’s Bible and talk about Noah’s Ark extensively (leaving out the whole wrath-of-God-thing)- next week we’ll talk more about the rainbow and what a promise means.

Field Trip: Our local museum is having a water exhibit for the next few weeks so we’ll plan to visit on one of my days off. We will also put on rainboots and a raincoat and go puddle stomping a couple of times. We love playing in the rain!

 Have you any more ideas for “Rain week” ? Please share them, I’d love some fresh takes! Be blessed this week and always.