Fall Harvest Preschool Theme: October 19-25

fallMath: We’ll probably do some of this again, since he LOVED it so much. We will also be practicing patterns with cut out black and orange pumpkins.  This Maze.

Reading: Short “u” on Starfall, Fall Rhymes, Autumn Poems

Science: Leaf Rubbings, Fall Sorting

Music: The Leaves are Falling Down, We will be listening to a lot of Putumayo Radio on Pandora this week, too – it’s perfect for staying inside and chillin out.

Art:  Scarecrow TP Craft, Computer Paint Activities (Sam LOVES these!). We’re also going to cut the center out of a paper plate and glue fallen leaves to make a wreath.

Cooking: Zucchini Bread and Pumpkin Pancakes!

Books: Have any suggestions?

Bible Verse: Isaiah 43:5 – Do not be afraid for I am with you.

Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch/Apple Picking with the family! Hopefully we’ll find a cornmaze and maybe even a haunted house as well! We will also be going on a fall leaf hunting walk.

Hope you have a fun week! Let me know if you have any other fun ideas or activities!


God Will Provide

shoppingLately I’ve had this desire to go shopping  – often! We are on a very strict budget and I really CAN’T shop for anything other than food, toilet paper, and dog/cat food. Meaning, in all truth, I can’t afford to shop for anything extra. But I’ve been buying it anyway. This started in the spring when we got our tax rebate check. We kept it in savings FOREVER, but once I started spending it I just never stopped. And once the money was gone I had created a lovely new habit! (Awesome.) Instead of the penny-pincher, love to save and get things for free, “Oh look Sam, it’s even on CLEARANCE!”, I just spent and spent and spent.

Another habit this created was guilt. Because deep down inside I knew we couldn’t afford those things I started to associate shopping with guilt. This is sad because as much as I am NOT a girlie-girl, I really do love to shop. I think that has something to do with being able to provide for my family – something ancient and satisfying. But because   I went shopping for something I did need I also bought something I DID NOT need I have come to associate any shopping at all as a guilt-ridden experience.

So God is fixing this. And I am learning to say no to things I don’t need and ask, “God, will you please find me some ________? I really need/desire them.” And every single time that I have decided not to buy something that I really needed or really, really wanted He has provided for me.

Here are just a few things I’ve experienced:

A few months ago I was absolutely going to run out of conditioner. This might not really seem like such a big deal to you, but I have very long, curly hair and without conditioner my quality of life (sadly, sadly) really is lowered. So I told God I couldn’t afford any more and asked him to please find a way for me to make this last for an extra week until payday. I had what I thought was about three days left – tops – and that was with using less than usual. That stuff lasted me up until the day we got paid.

I went shopping and bought three sweaters and a pair of jeans – all for $40 from the second hand store. I thought I did a pretty good job, but deep down I wasn’t supposed to be there. I kept the sweaters, but took back the pants (they were from Target) and the next night my friend gave me TWO BOXES of sweaters! AND Yesterday she gave me a new pair of jeans! (They were actually new as she bought them just days before she found out she’s pregnant!)

If you remember this post I put on my to do list that I wanted to start thinking of ways to add color to my living room. While shopping at Target last night I found this for $5 on clearance to cover our yucky white and purple couch. So far it kind of looks college-roomy, but I think as I add to it the whole room will start to even out. Now, I know that God didn’t necessarily give that to me for free, but we were only able to buy it since my husband located three checks that have been waiting to go through since February – giving us an extra $50!

Next I have asked God for new underwear. Gross, I know, but I have about three nice pairs. I can’t wait to see how He pulls that one off. I also can’t wait to tell you about it!

These are all just “things” and have no value in reality, but I needed them. Because God is good and loving He gave me the desires of my heart.

What has God provided for you lately? What will you be asking Him for next? Please let me know what you’re waiting for and come back when you have it.

Swine Flu Freaking You Out?

Yes? Then read this:

While watching a great video from our local library today Vaccinations?: Assessing the Risks and Benefits I thought I’d check out Dr. Jay Gordon’s website. The primary reason I checked out this video was to evaluate the risks/benefits of the flu shot and H1N1 flu shot for this year. The video is great – maybe a little long with too little information on what EXACTLY to do (which is understandable as he wants every child to be seen and to have this discussed with their pediatrician – that’s my problem – no one will talk to me about it!). However, I did find more updated information on the website. My favorite piece is this. In the article we are given info on herbs and probiotics to take and how much. My second favorite (and just another reason why I won’t be getting the H1N1 flu shot, nor for my three-year-old) is this article. Now, please also research this information before you take one man’s word for it, but from what I’ve heard/read I’m liking this guy. I’ve bookmarked the site and will be visiting it soon for more information!

What color eyes might your baby have?

baby_eyesGo here to find out. What a cool website! And how fun!

BATS! Preschool Theme: October 12-18

So I’m finally back to a place where I can do lesson plans for Sam and I during the day. It does get to be a bit much cooking, cleaning, working nights – all I want to do when I get home is sleep. It is important to do these lessons plans, though, since we can’t afford preschool for Sam and I OBVIOUSLY can’t just have a relaxed learning atmosphere – I just won’t do it if it’s not planned out. And I realized that he’s more than half way to four and he can’t write or read more than three or four words. It is up to me to get this started. I’m just SO EXHAUSTED.

Just to give you an overhead of what these next weeks up until Halloween will look like:

October 12-18: BATS!

October 19-25: Fall Harvest

October 26- November 1: Halloween

For this week on my “Must Do – To Do” list are:

Alternate Sam’s Halloween costume. Make my cousin who has moved here from California and is now staying with us a cake for his birthday. Mail out birthday cards. Clean basement for an all-night gaming party to raise money for children’s cancer research – this includes a LOT of work. Mentally map out ways to decorate the living room to match our colorful style. Call our old landlord to get our security deposit – FROM JULY (how do we find these people?)

Moving on…


Math : Shape Order How a Pumpkin Grows sequence cards,  Bat and Haunted House Maze

Reading: Echo the BatBat rebus rhyme

Science: Label the parts to a bat (this is certainly something we will be doing TOGETHER and is not a learning tool, but a learning how to learn tool.

Music: “Bats are Sleeping” and “Bat Song”


Cooking: Chocolate rice cakes w/ peanut butter cut into the shape of a bat. Sam will be spreading the peanut butter.

Books: Bat’s Hat and Stellaluna

Bible Verse: Proverbs 6:20 “My friend, remember your father’s good advice and remember the things your mother taught you.”

Field Trip: Children’s Museum before that membership is expired!

Have ideas for BATS! Week? I would really love to hear them! Please share! And thank you all again for stopping by and continuing to share – even if it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything!

Must. Stop. Popping.

Go here to see what I mean. Ah ha! Now you’re hooked, too!!!

An Easy Sandbox

I really wanted Sam to have a sandbox. When I was little my dad built a HUGE one in our backyard for my sister and me. And we loved it. (Besides the neighborhood cats that used it as a litterbox!) Because we’re renters, however, this was out of the question. A sandbox is an excellent source for sensory learning for little kids.

When I went looking for one of those green turtle sandbox things I found out that they are $60+. So I made my own. I took an old gift wrap box and bought a bag of sand at the hardware store – it was $1.67. We play with cars, cups, pretend food, you name it. And when we go back inside we just put the cover on it. VOILA! Instant sandbox.