Holy Cow!


***Update: I was checking this out today (I know I sound obsessed, but stay with me). Go here to get a free 2 magaizine trial, the trial option is top right corner and click bill me later. Write it on your calendar to cancel here after two months. Free coupons and fun reads for two months! I’m excited – are you?

 Ok, so it takes me awhile to read through a magazine, let alone set aside time to cut out the coupons, but here I am, sitting at my desk. I have every coupon accounted for from the August 29, 2008 issue of All You Magazine and I have $31.35 worth of coupons and 8 Buy one, Get one free coupons! Can you believe that? The magazine costs 1.97. I don’t even buy this magazine for the coupons. I enjoy reading it and don’t feel guilty at all for this simple and cheap splurge I frequently allow myself.

Go get this magazine!

Blessings, Kellie