Things you can do when you have the flu

flu (Hint! It’s not what this picture shows you, although it’s not all that bad of an idea!)

Remember this post? About how I wasn’t sooo scared anymore? Well, who knows if I have Swine Flu, but I can surely tell you that I’ve got something. So, let me just give you my advice for getting better:

Netflix Watch Instantly, Emergen-C, Advil, a sweet, amazing boy who doesn’t mind so much to watch Star Wars everyday (the gun scenes fast forwarded, of course), and the ability to just give it up and let go (that’s the hardest part)!

Benefits: Me time, catching up on movies, my husband bringing me things, resting – finally, and a few needed days off of work. I feel like crap but I am anything but stressed, that’s for sure.

Now, these are not the best ideas. If you have any costructive suggestions, please DO share them. For now, lunches will be applesauce, green smoothies (I add protein powder and carrots – no apples), and popcorn (with coconut oil, of course)! See? There. At least I’m trying a little bit.