Do You Freecycle?

Have you tried Freecycle yet? Hmmm?

I have given away the following: a broken washer, two beat up nightstands, a crib mattress, baby clothes, cloth diapers, mulch, board games, framed pictures, candles, vases, a bread machine, a food processor, a blender from 1960-something, etc., etc., etc.

I have received: a VERY cute giraffe costume for Sam on Halloween, a dresser, overalls for Sam, a bike seat for the boy, a bread box, a toaster oven, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s what’s cool about  Freecycle  – You can get rid of your crappy stuff that someone else really wants and in return take some body else’s crappy stuff that YOU really want anymore! Sound yucky? Be that way. But Sam, Rick, and I LOVE getting stuff that we need to buy for free. Especially when it’s GOOD STUFF! It’s like going to your favorite thrift sale – online!!!- and picking what you want, but FOR FREE! WOO HOO!

A word of advice: You CAN fix this, but I don’t know how – when you sign up for Freecycle you need to have a yahoo account. I have completely devoted my yahoo address to Freecycle because I get about 25 notices a day.

What have you Freecycled lately???

Be blessed!!!