Nobody’s Perfect

I wish I was a better mom.

I wish I watched less TV. I wish I ordered less pizza. I wish I read the Bible more. I wish I was more patient with my son, more gentle with my husband, had more time for my dog. I wish I called my best friend more often and never sent birthday cards out late.

I wish I journaled more than two days in a row. I wish I could stick with my diet. I wish I could find JOY in my at-work job and more joy in pre-schooling Sam. I wish I went outside more, sewed more, cleaned more deeply, cooked more often. I wish I was always on time with bills and always had enough to pay them. I wish I would never fall asleep while Sam watched cartoons in the morning and woke up to find that he’s been watching them for three hours (oh yeah, it happens!).

I wish I always flossed.

I wish I could be more forgiving of my family, of my friends. Especially my husband. I wish I could forget it all.

I wish my hair would stop falling out and that at 29 my teenage zits would go away.I wish my boobs were perky again. I wish I hadn’t made that pledge to never again dye my hair or paint my nails. I wish I didn’t have to shave everyday. I wish I didn’t have to shave EVERYTHING everyday…

I wish I had a pretty winter coat with all of its buttons. I wish I could find shoes that fit. I wish I had a savings account and a college fund for Sam and a 401K. I wish my parents had taught me about money and I wish that Rick and I weren’t so bad with it.

I wish I hadn’t given my two favorite people the flu.

I wish the snow hadn’t knocked down a power line. I wish I had cleaned better for the landlord to come over tomorrow. I wish we had moved into an apartment.

I wish our new baby was here instead of not here at all – not even a little bit yet. I wish I wasn’t fat so I could not worry about another pregnancy.

I wish I could give all my worries away. Instead of holding on to them because I think that gives me control. I wish we were already there. Already perfect. Already Home. Already Whole.

Today was a good day. A really pretty good day. And those are still all the regrets I had. So anyway, you’re not alone. We’re all the same.  I wish every mom could know that we are all the same.


Suave Commercial

Ok so I just saw that crappy Suave commercial again and I just can NOT go on without griping about it… You know the one. This woman is all beautiful and dolled up until she gets pregnant and all of a sudden – boom!- ugly. Actually, really, I still think she looks gorgeous, even in the damn bunny suit. LOL But she’s SUPPOSED to look ugly and that just sucks. I hate that so many companies have (finally!) figured out that we moms are the biggest spenders in America – that we make most of the buying decisions in this country – and play up on this. What disappoints me is that advertisers make us feel bad for “letting ourselves go”. Excuse me? Ok, ok, but listen:

1. Suave. yeah. Not that great. My hair looks like crap when I use Suave. Something about curly hair + conditioner that doesn’t work unless there’s a whole handful that doesn’t quite equal beautiful.  

2. I only wash my hair four times a week and believe me this is NOT what makes me looks like a hobo at 3 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon.

3. I doubt many advertising companies have execs that have spent four days nursing a snotty toddler back to health, have still been able to keep up with a house that’s too small to look clean even on the best of occasions, a dog that has trudged through the snow and now smells like “dirty dog” and a husband who, God love him, hasn’t picked up a damn sock in five years. What, exactly, do they know about motherhood and letting ourselves go.

Who invented that term anyway – “letting yourself go”? And how does that place any value whatsoever on motherhood?

I am ESPECIALLY appalled by the fact that all of a sudden she gets preggers once she’s beautiful again. Are they really trying to say that her husband finally found her sexy enough thanks to Suave hair care products? My man never has a problem when I’m having a bad hair day! How about you? LOL!!! I doubt she’d ever have time for sex after a beauty routine like that added to her list, anyway. I’m lucky when I can shave my legs twice a week. 🙂

Ha ha! Suave. Poop on you! Your commercial stinks worse than your coconut shampoo.

***Ok, so I can’t find the commercial anywhere except on To see it click “Our Story” then Advertising. It’s the only commercial that will play.***